Andie Elizabeth grew up in Middle Tennessee in a small and quiet neighborhood. Being homeschooled, she was trained at a young age to find peace and happiness in classical music. Her mother, a musician herself, saw the potential in Andie and searched for ways to advance her daughter further.

Now, having a wide range of musical knowledge, Andie is so grateful for a family that helped her pursue her musical talents at such a young age to create the musician that she is now.

Andie with her sister, Cate, and their mother around 2003

While growing up, Andie was heavily involved in dance and baton twirling. She participated in competitions for baton and even taught both subjects. She considered coaching baton twirling for her living, but in high school she realized music had her heart.

After graduating high school in 2015, Andie decided that she belonged at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Andie performing with her high school choir spring 2015

Attending Lee University has given Andie the opportunity to be in a plethora of musical ensembles, ranging from Ladies of Lee to Opera Theatre. Andie loves being able to sing multiple types of music and being able to make a difference and make people happy, no matter the genre.

Andie with the Ladies of Lee, 2017

Andie graduated from Lee University on May 9th, 2020 with degrees in Vocal Performance and Advertising. She hopes to continue her work in the advertising field while starting a part time masters in music.